What a Mighty God We Serve…

March 28, 2019

On January 20, 2018, we announced here our intentions to start broadcasting over Social Media to help spread the Gospel of Jesus. The intent was to get back to our true calling to use unconventional ways to reach as many people for Jesus as possible. We are now 14 months into this and we wanted to PRAISE GOD for what He has done. Please know that NONE of this would be possible without YOU! YOU have made this grow faster than we could have imagined and YOU have shown me that we can truly have new wine in new wineskins (Matthew 9:16-17). Below are some of the blessings that we have experienced that we want to share:

We started broadcasting just once a week and now we are broadcasting six nights a week using Facebook Live!

We have seen people in over 10 states and 3 countries watch our videos.

We have uploaded over 25 messages on our YouTube channel.

We now have our main Facebook Page and a Closed Group that allows our members to have a safe place to post prayer requests, questions about the Bible and Biblical living, and fellowship with memes and jokes and causal conversation and posts.

We have developed friendships with many that we would never have met without being obedient to God’s call.

We have heard many great testimonies about what God is doing in the lives of those who are connected to this ministry.

We have developed a Partnership with Johnny MacAllister and Impact Evangelism and are proud to have him teaching on Tuesday Night Bible Study.

We have basically started the “iChurch” that we mentioned in January of 2018 based on Acts 5:42. Our plan is to expand this year to having occasional get-together for those in driving distance and have at least a monthly live service with music that will be broadcast on our Social Media pages.

We have been asked by US31RADIO.com (and our friend Clay Barnes) to start developing a segment that will play on their station.

We are praying about starting a Podcast and the format that would be used to help reach even more people.

As you can see – God has been doing great things and we are excited to see what is is store for House2Hope Ministries in the coming months! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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