Prayer Requests

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to “pray without ceasing”.  This page is to share prayer requests and praise reports. 

Please note that some people do not want their names shared.  In these instances, you will see pronouns instead of the names of the people involved.


Praise Reports:

Debbie got the injection for her hip and is doing well!

Norma is out of the hospital and getting better!

Norma is going to be a Mimi again!

Nathan’s diabetes in under control!


Prayer Requests:

Norma – still dealing with multiple health issues.  Pray for Savannah and Randy as she is expecting!

Bro. Michael and Vicky –  health issues – especially his breathing issues that have gotten worse lately.

Becky – her health as she continues to recover from Covid.

Ronnie – Family member of Sherrie, Christy, Diane, Mary, Helen.  He is still in the hospital today with breathing problems.

Helen – Pray for her health issues and her son James (high blood pressure).

Sherrie/Christy – Please pray for their family.

Sharon (Mom) and Charles (Dad) – for their vision.  They have Macular Degeneration.

Judy –  She is HOME recovering quadruple bypass surgery.  Please pray that God will provide for her and lift her up during this time.

Dana S – pray for Amber, who is needing a future surgery and for her mom who is not doing well.

Debbie –  Pray for her upcoming ankle surgery and her family.

Elaine – she is hurting after some dental work and her husband is having back problems and they need our prayers.

Kelly – health issues.

Mary and Arvin – pray for their family.

Myra – Pray for her health and to recover from a rough day on Wednesday.

Jennifer – pray for her family (especially her grandmother and 11 year old son).

Aaron – praying for good reports from his recent doctor’s appointments and praying for multiple friends that need our prayers, especially his friend Miley Clare Yueli who just got home from the hospital for tests.

Jennifer Clare – her mom is under the care of hospice.

Michael L – Pray for his health and family.

Lisa – her family and especially her son as he fights addiction.

Betty – health issues.

Faye – is in the hospital and needs our prayers.

Melissa – getting stronger so that she can have another surgery to get where she needs to be.

Pat C. – pray for him and his family.

Jenna – asking for prayers for her and her spouse.

Becky G, Diane G, Brayden, Sherrie, Nathan, Bro. Michael, Bro. Johnny, and others  – Chronic Health Issues.

Those suffering with depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Please pray for these that are fighting cancer: 

  • Janet’s friend Darryl (who is starting a transition to hospice and is looking for a home for his dog)
  • Becky’s friend Rob
  • Norma’s sister Pam and friend Anthony
  • Pat’s friend Sharon (who is not doing well) and Sharon’s brother Eric
  • My cousin Joyce (starting chemo)
  • Richard’s friend Roy
  • Terrell’s friend Don’s mother

Pray for those who have lost loved ones and are grieving:

Praying for everyone involved with our education system.   

Remember our service men and women serving all over the world for our freedom as well as our Veterans!

Prayer for our country.  Pray for all of our leaders. 

Remember our unspoken requests – we have requests from our regulars as well as some who stop in from time to time.  

Pray for the LOST – that they see Jesus for who He is and accept the gift of life that He provides – Specifically pray for Aaron’s boss Michael, Becky’s friend Alan, Norma’s sisters, along with others that we all know need Jesus!


Prayers for ministries that are making a difference:

Pray for Impact Evangelism – Here is a list of the current requests that your prayers can help with:

  • Pray for Bro. Johnny’s health.
  • Pray for the feeding center, the rescue mission and other ministries that they are involved with in Mongolia with Muuggi and the Horloo Family.

Pray for Paul and Kelly Wiegert (and their kids)They are missionaries who are looking to get back to Peru – Their funding is below levels and they cannot go back to Peru until that has been resolved.  They are however, still involved with a church plant as well as a business that is helping women empower themselves.

Pray for our Zoom Meetings!

Please pray for these ministries that have made a difference in our lives and ministry – Dove Christian Fellowship International, Living Waters, and The Fuel Project.

Please notewe update this list regularly and remove requests that we have not received updates on.  That does not mean that we no longer care, but that we have not received any updates or had communication with those who requested the need.