Prayer Requests

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to “pray without ceasing”.  This page is to share prayer requests and praise reports. 

Please note that some people do not want their names shared.  In these instances, you will see pronouns instead of the names of the people involved.


Praise Reports (Always remember that by applying Romans 10:9 we get the greatest praise report of all – JESUS SAVES!):

Myra’s brother is home and if treatment is needed, he can have it here.

Ronnie is home and improving!


Prayer Requests:

Those who are suffering due to storms (Krystal’s Uncle David had storm damage)

Zack – his mom Tina is in the hospital.  Also remember his health issues.

Christy/Janet – suffering with migraines.

Sharon (Mom) and Charles (Dad) – for their vision.  They have Macular Degeneration.

Myra – dry macular degeneration.  Her staph infection has returned.

Pat – her friend Perry has some health issues that need our prayers.

Norma – Health issues.

Savannah – She is been in pain with the baby.  Please continue to pray for them as the baby may come early.

Mary – pray for Arvin’s strength.

Jennifer (J2) – her grandmother is retaining fluids again and needs our prayers.

Krystal  – Nanny fell and broke her pinky.  Also pray for her and the baby.

Dana S – remember her daughter and grandkids!  Also her niece had another surgery on Thursday.

Bro. Michael and Vicky – Their health issues.

Becky G, Debbie, Diane G, Brayden, Sherrie, My Aunt Faye, Michael and Kelli, Zack, Bro. Michael, and others – Chronic Health Issues – These include those with physical issues as well as those suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Junior – health issues (treatments).

Johnny G – recovering from surgery – got 32 stiches out on Friday.  Potential 4-6 month recovery time.

Jennifer (J1) – Her niece is seeing specialists to find out what is wrong with her.

Bonnie – has been sick and needs our prayers.  Her husband Terry also needs our prayers after an injury.

Dale Kittle – not doing well.

Please pray for these that are fighting Covid:

  • Becky’s friends Dale, Jason, and Katrina
  • Debbie’s niece’s husband (in ICU)
  • Kelli’s dad is recovering
  • Michael L’s neighbor
  • Lavern’s grandson’s family
  • Dana S has multiple friends fighting this
  • Krystal asked us to remember Haley (who is expecting) – she is improving
  • William Higdon (in ICU)
  • Maudie’s friend Lynn
  • Bonnie’s son Aaron
  • Phil’s son Luke is recovering

Please pray for these that are fighting cancer:

  • Ricky’s Dad
  • Zack’s cousin Sherry
  • Becky’s friend Rob
  • Norma’s friend Anthony
  • Elaine’s brother has 3 types of cancer and is in a lot of pain
  • Pat’s friend Lucille does not have much longer
  • Richard’s friend Roy
  • Richard’s Aunt Frankie
  • Michael Lee’s friend Michelle
  • Kelli Lee’s uncle starts chemo soon

Pray for those who have lost loved ones and are grieving:

Praying for everyone involved with our education system (Diane drives a bus, Jennifer’s cousin is a janitor, Christy’s daughter is a teacher and my daughter is a teacher and one of her best friends is a teacher – there are many unsung heroes making a difference in our children’s lives).

Remember our service men and women serving all over the world (especially remember Ricky’s son – Jennifer Clare’s friend Nolan) for our freedom as well as our Veterans!

Prayer for our country.  Pray for all of our leaders. 

Krystal, Jennifer (J2), Bonnie, and others – have unspoken requests.

Pray for the LOST – that they see Jesus for who He is and accept the gift of life that He provides – Specifically pray for Aaron’s boss Michael, Becky’s friend, Samantha’s family, along with others that we all know need Jesus!


Prayers for ministries that are making a difference:

Pray for Impact Evangelism – For both their in person and online ministries.

Pray for the ministries in Mongolia that Muuggi and the Horloo Family are involved with.

Pray for the churches represented here:

  • Bro. Donnie – Facebook Church
  • Aaron – Church of the Highlands
  • Nathan – Mayfield Church of Christ
  • Michael, Kelli, Diane and others – Brookside Church of God

Pray for our Zoom Meetings and for House2Hope!

Please pray for these ministries that have made a difference in our lives and ministry – Dove Christian Fellowship International, Living Waters, and The Fuel Project.

Please notewe update this list regularly and remove requests that we have not received updates on.  That does not mean that we no longer care, but that we have not received any updates or had communication with those who requested the need.