House2Hope Endorses the CSB Bible

June 27, 2017
I have held off on writing too much about the CSB until I had a chance to check it out, but I believe it is time to share how pleased I have been with this translation and how responsive LifeWay has been in wanting to help people make the transition.
I have been using the UltraThin Reference Bible as my go-to Bible for over a month now and have been preaching and teaching from it. I am thrilled with everything I have found so far. So much that I have made sure that the 2017 graduates, our Student Pastor and others have one for their use (at Brookside Church of God where we serve “in the temple”). I have also bought 15 of the Deluxe Gift Bibles and given them to younger Christians as well as children in our church because I firmly believe that this is the best version for them to learn with.
For full disclosure, I have received a marketing copy of the UltraThin Reference Bible that has a leather-touch cover (with a cross on the cover) and my only complaint is that I have not seen this version in the stores to buy yet so that I can share it with others.
Also, thanks to Brandon Smith and others from LifeWay for their support and willingness to talk to those who want to make the change to the CSB.  I am looking forward to using this version for years to come in every area of ministry.

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