Prayer Requests

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to “pray constantly”.  This page is to share prayer requests and praise reports.  Please email your requests to

Please note that some people do not want their names shared.  In these instances, you will see pronouns instead of the names of the people involved.


Praise Reports:


Prayer Requests:

Pray for the LOST – that they see Jesus for who He is and accept the gift of life that He provides – Specifically pray for Marissa (Cotton’s daughter), Jeff and Jimmy (Becky’s friends), Randal and Steven (2 brothers whose mom is requesting prayer for them!)

Remember our unspoken requests (Dana B, Dana S, Richard M, Kristle, and Diane asked we remember their unspoken requests).

Leanne – still recovering from a stroke a few weeks ago.

Becky’s friend Bill – lost his wife of 52 years.

Dana S – Nerve Block on Wednesday.

Dana S – Pray for her and her family – Especially Amber and her unborn child and her 2 great nephews!

Dana S – Pray for Audra Sasser.  This is Dana’s mom who suffers with tremors (the shakes).

Lisa’s kids grandpa/Dana S’s Brother-In-Law  – Roy still struggling and his wife Carolyn is also needing prayer.

Elaine C – Pray for her and family, her knee and her kidney’s.  Also her mom suffers with dementia.

Mary R – In Pensacola, to see her son in the hospital.

Elaine’s friend – kidneys are shutting down.

Richard M –  Please pray for his family, especially his son Luke.

Becky’s friend Sarah – injuries from a car accident.

Nita B – Pray for her and her husband’s families.

Michael and Kelli L – Pray for them and their families.

Diane G – Continue to pray for her family and for her diabetes.

Kristle A, Becky G, Diane G, Kristie B, and Johnny  – Chronic Health Issues.

Those suffering with depression and anxiety.

Cheryl L, Elaine’s Father-In-Law, Mary’s brother, Brett, Nathan B, Jay V, Larry and Deborah Jordan, Dale K – Cancer.

William G – having a rough time and needs our prayers.

Dwight H – recovering from surgery.

Brock/Greg/Elaine’s brother – Continue to pray for Godly men to influence them while they are incarcerated.

Tristan – Paroled to a halfway house. Will transition over the next few months.

Debbie Mac’s friend – Amy Owen’s Daughter Chloe needs a miracle after a bad wreck.

Debbie Mac’s friend Valarie Mathus – Long road to recovery after a car wreck – also pray for the other passenger in the car who was also injured.

Taylor – is a young man in rehab.  Also remember his mom Cindy and John.

George – Deliverance from alcohol and pot.

Pray that our country will see that truth and righteousness still belong as much as love and mercy – May balance rule the day.


Prayers for ministries that are making a difference:

Please pray for Impact Evangelism – Bro. Johnny and his team are making a difference as an Acts 1:8 ministry reaching those locally and around the world.  Here is a list of the current requests that your prayers can help with:

  • Johnny returns to Mongolia on June 9th and comes home August 23rd.
  • Pray for the rescue mission – that someone will step up to lead it going forward.
  • Praying for partners to help support this awesome ministry.  Also praying for the upcoming fundraisers (May 18th, June 15th, July 27th, and August 24th).
  • Praying for Mongolia and all of the workers that are associated with Impact Evangelism there!

Muugii has asked us to pray for the leaders of Grace church, that God will give them His love, power and wisdom in serving!

Pray for Paul and Kelly Wiegert (and their kids) – They are missionaries who are serving in Peru.  They are helping plant churches, implementing Celebrate Recovery programs, developing men to be spiritual leaders and helping empower women.  

Please pray for these ministries that have made a difference in our lives and ministry – Dove Christian Fellowship International, and The Fuel Project.

Please pray for our local churches!

Please notewe update this list regularly and remove requests that we have not received updates on.  That does not mean that we no longer care, but that we have not received any updates or had communication with those who requested the need.