Prayer Requests

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to “pray constantly”.  This page is to share prayer requests and praise reports. 

Please note that some people do not want their names shared.  In these instances, you will see pronouns instead of the names of the people involved.


Praise Reports:

We have now had multiple decisions during our live broadcasts! 

Dana S received a financial blessing that was very much needed!

Melissa got a good report at the doctor about multiple things!

Pamela got a good report at the eye doctor!

Michael Ts grand daughter is better!

Cynthia’s Husband has been set free from drugs, alcohol, and depression!

Krystal’s cousin – Baby Montag is better and coming off the heart medication next month!

Welcome to the new members and followers!

Thanks to those sharing what we are doing here!


Prayer Requests:

Pray for the LOST – that they see Jesus for who He is and accept the gift of life that He provides – Specifically pray for Marissa (Daryl’s daughter), along with others that we all know need Jesus!

Elaine C – Pray for her health as she is having a hard time with multiple issues, and her mom (dementia) who is doing worse.

Judy S – Is dealing with Perifial Neuropathy.  Also may have MS.  Thankful that the VA is helping.

Dana S – Pray for her family (especially Bobby- doctor’s appointment this week and 2 of her grandsons AJ and Kanon who are sick), her daughters, grandchildren, and her mom.  Also pray for her niece Melissa.

Dana S – Her boss hurt her shoulder when she was dropped by accident while dancing.

Vicki and Michael T. – Health issues.

Michelle P,  Chris and Renee Ross – Grandmother in the hospital after a stroke.

Dana B – please pray a friend who had brain surgery last week and is not doing well at all.  Also for her mom who has some serious health issues.

Carrie – doctor’s appointment coming up, but doing better right now!

Abby’s Husband David – Kidney issues, but is doing much better!

Debbie D – pray for her health, Jeff, and her family (especially her son James).

Zack’s mom – arthritis – also remember Zack’s PTSD.

Becky’s animals and home repairs.

Becky’s friend Don – healing!

Becky’s Nephew Brock – for his continued healing.

Joseph – a fellow minister who is having health issues.

Cynthia L – praying for her, and her husband and sons.

Mary R – pray for her health and for her daughter and son-in-law who both are experiencing serious health issues.

Sherrie –  She has been hurting bad this week.  Please pray for her family as she has left her job due to the pain she is trying to endure.  Also remember Charles and his mom (she is having heart issues) and Christy and Tiffany.

Krystal G – praying for her family and for her sister Gina after her wreck on Monday.

Faye – Health issues.

Ann – health issues.

Cindy D – for her upcoming surgery on her eye.

Richard – pray for his family.

Michael L – continue to pray for his family and especially his Dad.

Melissa – pray for their finances and her arthritis.

Pamela Franks –  Her son Timmy travels weekly for work.

William – going through a hard time right now.

Christy Y’s family.

Becky G, Diane G, Sherrie, Joseph, Michael, Johnny Mac, and Kristle  – Chronic Health Issues.

Those suffering with depression and anxiety.

Those suffering with addictions of any type…Taylor, Jordan, Jennifer, George, Christy, and others fighting for their freedom!

Diane – Health issues.

Daryl – Please pray for his Right Heart Cath-Biospy Thursday that it comes back no rejection.

My friend Lane, Dana’s sister-in-law Barbara Jean, Dana’s friend Gail Kappan, Cynthia’s Aunt Teresa, Mary R’s brother and son-in-law, and others fighting Cancer.

Remember our unspoken requests (Michael T, Daryl, Diane, John, Joseph, Richard, Elaine, Dana S, Dana B, Christy, James, Justin, Pamela, Melissa, LaRae, Becky, and Zack have asked we remember their unspoken requests).

Remember everyone that has lost a loved one recently … 

Praying for everyone involved with our education system.  

Remember our service men and women serving all over the world for our freedom as well as our Veterans!

Pray that our country will see that truth and righteousness still belong as much as love and mercy – May balance rule the day.


Prayers for ministries that are making a difference:

Pray for Impact Evangelism – Here is a list of the current requests that your prayers can help with:

  • Pray for their ministries at the Firehouse Shelter, Jimmie Hale Mission, Royal Pines, and their Internet Ministry.
  • Pray for the continued success of the rescue mission and the feeding center in Mongolia.
  • If you are interested in helping with their “Heritage Candle” fundraiser, please let Johnny Mac know!

Pray for Muugii, the Horloo family and the others serving in Mongolia.  Also remember the “Champions of Life”.

Derrick and Brittany Burden – Long time friends serving the Lord in Guatemala.  They have a House Church, Brittany teaches English as a second language, helps others as they homeschool local kids and they work in the community sharing the love of Jesus!  Derrick currently works a secular job to supply their needs, but they are praying for the opportunity for Full-Time ministry in the future.  If you are interested in supporting their work, click here: Supporting the Burden’s

Pray for Paul and Kelly Wiegert (and their kids)They are missionaries who are serving in Peru.  They are helping plant churches, implementing Celebrate Recovery programs, developing men to be spiritual leaders and helping empower women.

Please pray for these ministries that have made a difference in our lives and ministry – Dove Christian Fellowship International, Living Waters, and The Fuel Project.

Please pray for all Bible believing fellowships!

Please notewe update this list regularly and remove requests that we have not received updates on.  That does not mean that we no longer care, but that we have not received any updates or had communication with those who requested the need.

Please email your requests to